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Collector of Dust & Bone; Under the Birdsong she hunts brochs and ruins as the silt runs red; While the forests of the North call out;

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Collector of Dust & Bone [userpic]

Work is sucking the soul from me and indeed my time.


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Collector of Dust & Bone [userpic]

I'm really taking bad to this holiday. I'm not sure what to do with myself. And the "hot" weather has gone away so I can't even try and get a tan (I need a tan to stop me looking so pale and ill!) It is still sunny, just the cloud and breeze make it slightly irksome.

I have plenty to do, it is just trying to get into a frame of mind to do it. I've also been really tired lately which has resulted in me going to bed quite early and not even wanting to be on the computer. I'm sure that will pass though ;p

I do have a job though, starting at the end of June, for a month. So I feel less guilty about my current "laziness" and favour calling it a "rest" - which after 3rd year I probably do need.

The main thing on my mind is how much I would rather be up north. I don't have uni to distract me and realise that uni is the main thing I like about Dundee as a city. So I'm glad I have a job for a month to distract me from that fact, lol. Obviously moving away is a big thing, but the only thing I will miss is Beverley. But she had lived up north for a while after uni before and it was fine, we just went back to letter writing etc :) So I have no worries about losing contact with her, or my uni friends, because losing contact will not happen!

Clearly thinking too much today, but I've plenty of free time so I can't help it!

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A few years back I hated the sun, but now I love it. Nothing makes a day seem better than a sunny, cloud free day. Needless to say, the next few hours will tell me where I missed the sun tan. After an hour I got sick of sunbathing though so resorted to dissertation note taking from library books I will need to return this week, or next. Always fun!

The gods have been kind to me again this summer - I have a month back where I have worked on and off for the last 4 years :D My start date is not confirmed, but around mid-june. It's a weight of my mind getting a wee bit income before going into 4th year.

& it did result in a little shopping trip yesterday! I went to Glasgow on Thursday with Beverley for a day out which was fab, but my feet did not fair so happily. On said trip I seen some sandals I thought were cute and comfy (and sensible) and my feet decided for me. Came home at night to find I had a job and so went into town yesterday and bought these. My feet love me now! I also got some other things because I am a retail therapist and I have been so good at not buying anything for AGES. My mum also got me some The North Face trousers <3

Anyhow, I've been really tired this last week. Not sure why but it has been early to bed for me, but it has corrected my sleeping pattern! But tonight is no exception, I can hardly keep my eyes open.

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Feeling a little lost without art college. Been in a couple of times to the workshop and was in today for the library. It is a weird feeling walking through the empty corridors and seeing the studios empty - hello long summer!

The degree show is on to visit though. It's pretty good this year, definitely some stuff I love although I think last year had more stuff I really loved so ... but yes, I think this degree is overshadowed with "crap that is me next year" which makes it hard to just soak it all in and enjoy it fully!

Tomorrow I need to start reading the library books I have out for dissertation research. I have out quiet a few now and I think it's about time I started reading & taking notes to establish my direction rather than being distracted with finding yet another artist of interest! The geek in me likes researching though.

Having a day out to Glasgow with Beverley on Thursday though which I'm looking forward to, hoping I might be able to part with some money since it's a "day out" ;) Just hope the weather is nice to us!

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Reorganised my website a bit

Attempting to download a WOW patch but sadly my internet connection is not being kind to this task!

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I am wanting to overhaul my website(s) but am drawing a serious blank when it comes to figuring out what it is I want to do. I want to do it asap, one because I have the time and two, my mum seems to be giving out my url to long distance 'not really family' family type people. So I want a bit more order on it. Plus my mum is probably pointing them in the direction of it saying "see her art" when my art isn't on it and where it is isn't even linked.

I thinking having a "home page" that links to everywhere else is a good idea. However, currently my index page is my blog. So do I want to move my blog to a blog subdomain? In the long term, this might be a good idea, even if it isn't now? I just need to remind myself that I do like wordpress! I do, yes.

I also have my name registered. I have for a while, and it irks me that it is sitting dormant. But it is really for 4th year/post graduation. It just looks so lonely just now.

Argh. Why is webdesign not as easy as it was when I was 20!

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I have been meaning to update with a to-do list for the last few days but have hesitated to do so. Not sure why, maybe because I know I am procrastinating rather than doing.

I spent yesterday playing around with some of the hats I own but never wear outwith the house. That resulted in a blog entry over at, another place I have been neglecting on the internet. The search terms for my website worry me in that there is a distinct possibility I know people who may have found it, but alas do not know they are reading it. And it results in me going through phases of wanting to hide away online again. But then I remind myself that being an internet geek is who I am and why should I hide that for fear of someone finding it. Posting photos of myself seems horrifying, but I go out of the house almost every day? So why should I worry. Anyone who really knows me knows I love my interwebs!

Anyhow, went of on a tangent there!

I also started playing around with headbands. My inner tree hugging hippy self would have me wearing headbands like so, below, quite a bit. But due to their current hipster status, I hesitate.

I quite like scarves as headbands, they hide my big forehead. Well, from a side view anyhow ;p

I will do my to-list in my next entry. Once I have thought it through. See the image in the background of that above picture - second year nonsense that I put on my wall so it is out of the way. Now I have all my third year stuff lying in the dining room with no place to put it. My boxes are in the eves. But I still have roughly 10 canvases and 2 large rolls of paper to get out of the way! My mu wants to repaper the stairs and said she would nab one to put up there. I'm thinking she could fit at least 4 on the wall if we placed them strategically.

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This is my most recent paper work. It's quite large, the paper is slightly taller than me (I really should measure it out of interest!)

The Wind Weaves Whispers of Your Mortality

The four small circles are hints at cup and/or ring marks and there is part of a Pictish double disc and z-rod symbol drawn in.

The title and "weaved" marks represent Harris to me, but that is an internal part of the work specific to me - whether a viewer knows this or even recognises it, is neither here nor there. They are more about what each viewer sees, not what I see.

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I had planned to update this today with some recent artwork but getting good photographs is often hard when the weather is cloudy and typically Scottish, and my old laptop is getting a bit narky whenever I open photoshop. So I thought I'd include some older stuff, from last year (my 2nd year).

Although happy enough with these at the time, as always you evolve and move forward, so these no longer hold the same satisfaction as they did at the time. My current "satisfaction" is directed towards my large paper piece I did for my assessment. No doubt in a few months it will have lost its shine as well, hopefully because I have evolved it further.

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Merci to [personal profile] rogue for the invite :) I don't really need to have another internet place to be signed up on, but I like change and having various outlets. Maybe I will make this more art based? I am not sure yet, but I will see. For the moment I will update whatever springs to mind.

My third year of art college is more or less over, so I have some time to breathe again and recollect my thoughts. It means I can work on a few internet things. I have 3 domains, 2 of which are unused. I think I should make use of my money! & then I have my dissertation to start. & artwork, both uni related and just for the fun of it. I think I might have to draw myself up a timetable of action!

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