ash and bone - Under the Birdsong/Under the Fyres
Collector of Dust & Bone
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Collector of Dust & Bone; Under the Birdsong she hunts brochs and ruins as the silt runs red; While the forests of the North call out;

June 2009
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Collector of Dust & Bone [userpic]
Under the Birdsong/Under the Fyres

I had planned to update this today with some recent artwork but getting good photographs is often hard when the weather is cloudy and typically Scottish, and my old laptop is getting a bit narky whenever I open photoshop. So I thought I'd include some older stuff, from last year (my 2nd year).

Although happy enough with these at the time, as always you evolve and move forward, so these no longer hold the same satisfaction as they did at the time. My current "satisfaction" is directed towards my large paper piece I did for my assessment. No doubt in a few months it will have lost its shine as well, hopefully because I have evolved it further.

Under the Birdsong, the Silt and Bone Run Red

As the Forests of the North Call Out

And the Roots Dig Deep, As the Rain Falls Down on the Ash and Bone






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