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Collector of Dust & Bone
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Collector of Dust & Bone; Under the Birdsong she hunts brochs and ruins as the silt runs red; While the forests of the North call out;

June 2009
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Collector of Dust & Bone [userpic]

Merci to [personal profile] rogue for the invite :) I don't really need to have another internet place to be signed up on, but I like change and having various outlets. Maybe I will make this more art based? I am not sure yet, but I will see. For the moment I will update whatever springs to mind.

My third year of art college is more or less over, so I have some time to breathe again and recollect my thoughts. It means I can work on a few internet things. I have 3 domains, 2 of which are unused. I think I should make use of my money! & then I have my dissertation to start. & artwork, both uni related and just for the fun of it. I think I might have to draw myself up a timetable of action!

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Mood contemplative
Music skunk anansie
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