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Collector of Dust & Bone; Under the Birdsong she hunts brochs and ruins as the silt runs red; While the forests of the North call out;

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Collector of Dust & Bone [userpic]

I'm really taking bad to this holiday. I'm not sure what to do with myself. And the "hot" weather has gone away so I can't even try and get a tan (I need a tan to stop me looking so pale and ill!) It is still sunny, just the cloud and breeze make it slightly irksome.

I have plenty to do, it is just trying to get into a frame of mind to do it. I've also been really tired lately which has resulted in me going to bed quite early and not even wanting to be on the computer. I'm sure that will pass though ;p

I do have a job though, starting at the end of June, for a month. So I feel less guilty about my current "laziness" and favour calling it a "rest" - which after 3rd year I probably do need.

The main thing on my mind is how much I would rather be up north. I don't have uni to distract me and realise that uni is the main thing I like about Dundee as a city. So I'm glad I have a job for a month to distract me from that fact, lol. Obviously moving away is a big thing, but the only thing I will miss is Beverley. But she had lived up north for a while after uni before and it was fine, we just went back to letter writing etc :) So I have no worries about losing contact with her, or my uni friends, because losing contact will not happen!

Clearly thinking too much today, but I've plenty of free time so I can't help it!