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Collector of Dust & Bone; Under the Birdsong she hunts brochs and ruins as the silt runs red; While the forests of the North call out;

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Collector of Dust & Bone [userpic]

Feeling a little lost without art college. Been in a couple of times to the workshop and was in today for the library. It is a weird feeling walking through the empty corridors and seeing the studios empty - hello long summer!

The degree show is on to visit though. It's pretty good this year, definitely some stuff I love although I think last year had more stuff I really loved so ... but yes, I think this degree is overshadowed with "crap that is me next year" which makes it hard to just soak it all in and enjoy it fully!

Tomorrow I need to start reading the library books I have out for dissertation research. I have out quiet a few now and I think it's about time I started reading & taking notes to establish my direction rather than being distracted with finding yet another artist of interest! The geek in me likes researching though.

Having a day out to Glasgow with Beverley on Thursday though which I'm looking forward to, hoping I might be able to part with some money since it's a "day out" ;) Just hope the weather is nice to us!