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Collector of Dust & Bone; Under the Birdsong she hunts brochs and ruins as the silt runs red; While the forests of the North call out;

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I have been meaning to update with a to-do list for the last few days but have hesitated to do so. Not sure why, maybe because I know I am procrastinating rather than doing.

I spent yesterday playing around with some of the hats I own but never wear outwith the house. That resulted in a blog entry over at, another place I have been neglecting on the internet. The search terms for my website worry me in that there is a distinct possibility I know people who may have found it, but alas do not know they are reading it. And it results in me going through phases of wanting to hide away online again. But then I remind myself that being an internet geek is who I am and why should I hide that for fear of someone finding it. Posting photos of myself seems horrifying, but I go out of the house almost every day? So why should I worry. Anyone who really knows me knows I love my interwebs!

Anyhow, went of on a tangent there!

I also started playing around with headbands. My inner tree hugging hippy self would have me wearing headbands like so, below, quite a bit. But due to their current hipster status, I hesitate.

I quite like scarves as headbands, they hide my big forehead. Well, from a side view anyhow ;p

I will do my to-list in my next entry. Once I have thought it through. See the image in the background of that above picture - second year nonsense that I put on my wall so it is out of the way. Now I have all my third year stuff lying in the dining room with no place to put it. My boxes are in the eves. But I still have roughly 10 canvases and 2 large rolls of paper to get out of the way! My mu wants to repaper the stairs and said she would nab one to put up there. I'm thinking she could fit at least 4 on the wall if we placed them strategically.

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